Friday, January 7, 2011


words. resolutions. goals. photos. this is an inspiring time of year. i'm really enjoying reading peoples posts about the end of 2010 and the beginnning of 2011. it sounds like so many have had a rough year. my bestests did. my love did. so did i. (and yet some had the best ever so i'm generalizing, obviously. my year ended pretty fantastically.) rambling. regardless, what i'm hoping for is a kickass 2011. we deserve it.

in the new year i hope to learn and practice balance. i always feel like it's all or nothing with me, usually leaning towards nothing in the form of vegging. maybe we could even call it learning to be a grown up because i need to take care of my house when i don't want to and exercise when i'm tired. there are fun things too, like taking advantage of my craft room and crafty classes, cooking delicious meals with matt, getting outside more, and being healthier. can you believe these beautiful things are lacking from my life because i'm lazy, because i prefer to veg than to do them. i need to stop using that word, veg, and embrace unmotivated (to do anything but sit on my bum.)

in reality to get healthier, be active, stretch my mind and comfort zones in really fantastic ways shouldn't be that hard i just need a little kick in the butt. i'm making this my goal for the year and will hold myself accountable here. to think about the balance of my everyday life and my future. it starts now.

"I'm happiest when I'm relaxed and content with where I am, and the only person standing in the way of that is me." - from my core story post. It contradicts this, I know. It's also about finding the balance in learning where I need to go and realizing I'm happier and more content there.

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