Sunday, January 9, 2011

will these change me?

one day i'd like to have this.

I wrote once before about how I have a problem with google reader, and following too many blogs. I'm not really sure what to do about it... but I'm going to take a look at and share what kind of things I read and, in particular, save.

Recipes, so many recipes. I could make a post about all the recipes I save and never use.


Don't Hold Back Originally uploaded by nan lawson

"So the next time I’m on the edge of that cliff, I’ll probably leap even faster, just keep pushing me. I could always use a little shove." Saul, Brothers & Sisters via Dating Optimist --"Your half-orange is either up there with you, or down below ready to catch you when you jump. So do yourself a favor and when you’re getting dizzy up there, remember this and take the leap. We could all sometimes use a little shove."  

great reminders on the brink of a new relationship. 

Yes, I'm drunk...

"when we let our most vulnerable selves and our most powerful selves be deeply seen and known.  and when that offering is met with respect and kindness and trust, that is what love is. love is letting ourselves be deeply seen and known and then honoring the connection that happens between two people who are willing to do that with kindness and respect." ~ Brene Brown via

And if that doesn't work out (even though it did) Frenemy's brilliant Diagnosis: Single

sleeping with kitties! so true. unkown source.



I can trust your judgment of blogs, cannot wait to check out the list!

Kate said...

That's a good way of looking at it!

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