Thursday, April 14, 2011

1/3 less excuses

I have a confession, I partially, finally posted about Train4Change yesterday because Rachel is doing a fun little challenge - 1/3 Less Excuses.
"Each challenge will last for two weeks, and I hope in those two weeks you’ll make those little changes that motivate you in all areas of your life."
The first challenge is Fitness related and you pledge to make 1/3 Less Excuses about skipping a workout or not pushing yourself enough in a workout.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm seeing changes in my attitudes about working out and how I feel when doing so, but I'm still struggling to get there a consistent basis. This really couldn't come at a better time.

My entry:
Last week I didn't work out because... my feet hurt, I needed more sleep and I was a crabby bitch that didn't want to deal with my problems. The week before it was because I had a headache. In the past month I've chocked my excuses up to the weather good and bad, eating to much and to little and continually absurd, cop out excuses. As you can see I have no lack of excuses...but I'm participating in a triathlon, in 47 days. It's time to get serious. I'm supposed to train five days a week, but I've only been doing three. I pledge to hold myself accountable and only miss for a truly valid reason if one arises.
 I love the idea of tweeting the workout excuse that I would use if it weren't for the challenge. @RachelGettingIt and @Kraftsingles with the hash tag #BetterForYou (+ bonus entries!)

So really, go check out the Rachel's blog and give making 1/3 Less Excuses a try!

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wilybrunette said...

oh i love this idea. headed to her blog now--thanks for sharing!

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