Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy December

We are two days into to one of the best months. There's the hope for snow, the anticipation of beautiful Christmas celebrations, truly wonderful family gatherings and at the end of it we start a new year. The new year is full of possibilities. Let's stay here in Dec 2nd for now though.

Last week I signed up to be a Style School student (see cute badge). I hope that it helps focus my inspiration and creativity, since I have a whole craft room to myself now! One of our early-bird projects was to start saving photos that inspire you: (via

Originally uploaded by ColorMeKatie

Love. So there's that. Then of course I found something else that I'm totally excited about. 31 Days of Wishes for December. I tried to do days of thanks on facebook but failed, I shall try again.

For December 1st I wish that there had been a glaze of snow to welcome the new month.
Today, Dec 2nd I wish that this pain in my shoulder would go away.

Happy December!

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