Saturday, December 19, 2009

my xmas list!

Mom and I went shopping today and I had a great, successful day. Lots of things crossed off my gift list and many Style School supplies purchased.

Finally getting in the xmas "shopping" spirit.

I used to make these amazing Christmas lists, all categorized and ridiculous. What is a seven-year-old going to do with a copy machine?! Make copies of course, ridiculous. As I got out of high school and into the family drawing I had a harder time making my lists and totally stopped doing them on the computer after the first year. Now, though I think it's time to get back in touch with that spirit of childhood and post my 2009 xmas list! (color coded of course!

 Kate's 2009 Christmas Wishlist!


A new camera! (or two)
a simple point and shoot please
& a fancy artsier one.

gloves for my new garden


cozy things for loungin at home

(or out and about)

lovelovelove this color

for the home:

I want to do something fun in my bathroom inspired by these cute individual letters.


(some of my favorites and I don't own them!)

a million books that I can never think to list...

a special thing for my kitties:

and soooo much more!!

oh, that was fun!

Guess what, I'm finger knitting! omg I'm turning into such a crafty nerd. good or bad?!

Tomorrow I will be back with a post about the fabulous munchkittens and my holiday decorations!

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