Friday, December 4, 2009

wishes: a day late & on time

I had an odd day yesterday, all meetings, craft fair, a bit of traction thanks to the PTA students, then bowling*, so I never got a chance to post my wish for the day.

*see cute stripe-y knee highs w/ bowling shoes. love.

I think it's actually harder to come up with wishes than things that I'm thankful for, which I pretty surprising because I'm a pretty wish filled person. So what was one thing I wished for today...

I wish that the craft fair had more contemporary crafters. Are there many in the area? This is definitely something to explore. (12/3)

Today, I wish for a wonderful weekend with one of my best friends, her hubby and their friends. We're making Fuzzy Navels so that's a good start! (12/4)

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