Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking Back & 10 for 2010!

If you had told me a year ago that I would be living back in Bay City, have bought a house and be working at Delta College. I would not have believed you. Not a chance. I wouldn't have been surprised to be back in Bay City, because I'd made the decision to move home just over a year ago. The rest of it, you've got to be kidding me.

This year has been fantastic. I thouroughly enjoyed the first five months in New York. I wrapped up my time at Corra, volunteered at the ASPCA and The Reading Time, explored the city more, saw great shows on Broadway, and many more amazing things.

Now it's New Year's Eve of 2009. We're about to enter a new decade. I'm going with twenty-x if anyone was wondering ie. twenty-ten. Welcome twenty-ten!! I hope you are a wonderful year! I can't imagine it not being one. That's my style.

Every NYE I tend to get the feeling that it will be a reflection of my year to come. We could go back to 2000 with this, my earliest memory of looking back and saying, wow my year was a lot like how I spent NYE. That will be my post for tomorrow.

I've never been good at making resolutions, probably because I don't keep them. Inspired by other bloggers though I'm going to just that this year.

10 things for 2010!

1. Wear more orange! This is totally random, but as I was picking the color for the title of this orange definitely popped in my head. obsessed. without reason. embrace it.

2. Embrace life. Don't chicken out. Put yourself out there. Be strong and laugh loud.

3. Rock the crafty nerd that's inside. The end of the year approached that nerd started to creep out, and why not grab it and have fun. Who knows where it could take me...

4. Take more pictures. With the gift of the camera this should be easy!

5. Keep my home organized. It will be a more peaceful and homey place if you do. Willie wouldn't appreciate choas in her house.

6. Strip all the wood downstairs and pull the carpets! Restore the original beauty to the house.

7. Create a history of the house to have for the library.
8. Cook more yummy food and be a more focused cook.

9. Compile all of Grandma's recipes for a book with photos for the family, or just have it online. Also finally have EIW journal printed!

10. Get fit! This has been on my "resolution" list since I quit playing basketball at 14. That was 45lbs and 10 years ago. It's time to get serious and get active. (oh that's cheesy) I'm serious though, little steps each day and I can do it. I work 100 feet from a Fitness Center for goodness sakes!

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