Saturday, January 16, 2010

inspiration. overload.

This is my first post of the new year. Welcome to 2010 baby blog! :) I thought I'd be blogging more than this, but I guess not, and I guess it's a good thing I didn't make blogging regularly one of my goals for the new year. Not that I've been doing any of them consistently.... but 8 and 2 are going well. rambling.

So I was moving some of my blog links into google reader - probably a good thing I didn't embrace this tool sooner. addiction. - and discovered the blog of one Kelly Rae Roberts, painter of the piece of art I bought for my new house. So exciting, inspiring, lovely. She and curly headed designs ( really were the start of this creative inspiration (even if I haven't started creating yet). Nice to find her personal blog sponsoring another blog I follow. and to read of her beginning, whispering inspirations. love.

beautiful trouble as i got sucked into reading her posts. its a wonderful world full of creativity and i'm excited to be exploring it now. i think i'm going to sit down and figure out what it is i want to learn from all of this. i haven't started working on any of my resolutions yet and getting focused will really help that.

I just absolutely fell in love with flickr and finally understand it. Sometimes it takes me to long to catch on. Now that I have... well my inspiration file has grown by 15 photos. Thanks Jodi McKee! Project: I need to make a case for my camera, so I can always have it with me!

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