Monday, January 18, 2010

success! (more!)

so i was thinking about my to do list and thinking that i didn't get anything done. wrong!
to do

✓organize office supplies
✓sweep hair from stairs
✓clean bathroom
✓clean kitchen

look at that, i checked the four most important things off my list. awesome!

still to do
organize bathroom and bedroom things
organize craft room
organize style school inspiration bookmarks

now do you think i'm going to work on these things tonight? ha, you're right: nope. i've added other things to my to do list but maybe i'll get to the above.

pay car payment (will pay on wed)
wash front porch
start laundry
sweep and wash back stairs
pay some bills

yess, i am a big dork and post my to do lists in my blog. oh well. it's not like anyone really reads it anyway!

update: i did it i had me some productive time! oh yeah. this is shaping up to be a good week!
i would like to fill my house with bits of beautiful pink.

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