Monday, November 23, 2009

Here I am again!

After a nearly five month hiatus I *hope* that I'm here to stay. I've been obsessed with these crafty, pretty, beautiful blogs that inspire me to be and make crafty, pretty and beautiful things! My first project: (hopefully!) (the trees) love

Also in searching for that link it crossed my mind that maybe I should move my blog to tumblr. That way as I find things I love I'll post them more readily. maybe.

Where I've been: There have been various times I wanted to blog in the time since I last did and a lot has to do with all the changes that have happened. I wanted to chronicle my job hunt & finding the balance of summer fun. I wasn't a very exciting job hunter. I just put my nose to the grindstone every day and did my thing, pretty boring. It worked though and I found a job! I love it! Delta College really is a fantastic place to work. I thought about blogging that, but it is really just a job (no matter how fabulous it is!) and once I got into my routine it wasn't that exciting. Now here it is three months after the successful job start and ... oh wait! There's something else I could have written about. I BOUGHT a house, a house! After looking at something like 30 houses I found the right one. Now I'm there and I'm getting settled in. I might retrospectively blog about painting and settling in.

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