Wednesday, October 26, 2011

daily values...

I ran a 5k, then another. I swam/biked/ran a triathlon. I bear crawled my way through a fit camp. Then I stopped. I wasn't getting active 2-3 times a week but I kept eating like a champ and enjoying summertime brews and late night glasses of wine. Finally, I got on the scale at the beginning of this week and I'm up 10 pounds. Weight can be just a number, I know that. I barely lost anything during my six months of fitness and I was looking fierce ;), but my clothes are not fitting as well as they should be.

Instead of pledging to track all of my eats every day, like I wrote out as a goal at the beginning of the October and tend to be inconsistent with, I'd like to challenge myself to eat the recommended servings of vegetables and fruits per day. Maybe it will curb the over eating, or at least I will  have a good, solid, nutritious base.

Here they are, the daily goals from the USDA for women 19-30 years old, as you know I am 26.

vegetables 2½ cups / fruit 2 cups
(make half your "plate" fruits and vegetables)

grains 6 ounces (1/2 of which are whole grains) / dairy 3 cups / protein 5½ ounces

Today I've had a banana, pomegranate juice, a handful of spinach (purple green monster!), Oatmeal with fruit and nuts. I'm on the right track, two fruits and one veg with vegetables in mind for lunch x2.

ps.  This is how this post started.... a long time ago, over two years. So random.

I read about the One Dollar Diet Project. I appreciated their efforts for surviving on one dollar a day as so many people do in this country. One of the sacrifices they noted early on was a lack of the daily nutrients that we need.

It got me to thinking about how many people actually eat the recommend daily fruits and vegetables. I know I don't. I eat more fruit than I used to and definitely make efforts to get in yummy veggies, but my carbs and fats tend to be higher than needed.

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