Wednesday, September 7, 2011

self portrait

Sweet Lacey in Love (really, truly in love these days) is doing a fun Photo Challenge, and I thought I might play along.

 Lacey / via Jenni of Story of my Life / originated here: Oh So Lovely:
So here we go:

I don't think I've ever posted this picture before. It was taken in June 2009. I had just moved home from New York, just bought this car that I'm sitting in, and had gotten caught by a boat on the way home. I love the reflection in the in my sunglasses of blue sky and big truck, the colors I'm wearing and my relaxed smile. I lost those glasses shortly after this, sad days. It's very summer, very Michigan, very me. 

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patience said...

this does look like fun. i've never actually seen a photo challenge like this one!

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