Tuesday, September 13, 2011

ducks & oats in a jar

Since I'm a day late, I'm going to combine day six & seven into one.

I don't actually remember this, but I love this photo of my grandpa & me. A memory of a memory, if you will.

a train of thought from yesterday--

My peanut butter jar is nearly empty. mmm. > I hate getting sticky hands from trying to scoop out the last of the peanut butter. > Oh, didn't I read cooking something in a peanut butter jar? > I know it was on Rachel's last post {pretty, damn funny. go watch.} > Right, PUMPKIN IN STABLE CONDITION AFTER BEING HUMPED BY BLOGGER > They were talking about something called OIAJ, pumpkin OIAJ at that. What is that? > Oats in a Jar, okay. I think I've seen them mention that over on Lifehacker... I didn't realize it was worth humping a pumpkin or 286,000 Google results. > Okay, what's the deal? Do they cook super fast or... > Wait. HOLD UP. You simply pour your oatmeal into a Peanut Butter Jar...? > There is a serious use of exclamation points related to this. I repeat, you simply pouring your oatmeal into a mostly empty jar of peanut butter, 48 instances in once case. > But, ok. I like peanut butter. I like Oatmeal. I'll give it a shot. > I'll report back tomorrow. > I may never be the same. 

Well...here it goes...

hmm.  That can't be good, bending the plastic with the hot oatmeal?

My life is definitely the same. I'm a little more blogger-y, having experience OIAJ. I'll do it again, before the jar gets quite so low. But I think life will be normal.

Have you had oats in a jar?

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