Friday, July 29, 2011

It's not Friday without Filling In the Blanks.

 1.   My favorite color are orange gray and purple, equally.
2.  My travel destination of choice is a cottage on the lake, fires in the evening, reading in the morning occasional dips in the lake. At least that's what the plan is for Monday and Tuesday. :)

3.  My favorite  food is sushi is up there for sures, Santi's tacos, a good spaghetti. I could never pick just one. 

4.  My happy place is my home, especially when it's clean.

5.  My favorite saying is  Always look on the bright side. / Be eccentric. / Be inspired. / Follow your heart and be your funny self. -Karine Dupont slogan. This is so me.
6.  My dirty little secret is well.. you don't really want to know that.

7.  Something friends might say about me is that I've got quite the happy disposition. Sound about right friends? Or that I'm really boring. ;)

now you. /linking up with Lauren

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nat said...

Spaghetti was one of my choices, too. It's kind of plain but I sometimes eat it with tomato sauce, or butter, or pesto. Yum. :)

(Visiting through Fill-in Friday)

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