Thursday, March 10, 2011

where you lay your head

I am having a crisis in bedding. {There's no such thing as an entertainment emergency.}

I need to find something that suits Matt and I, doesn't feel too fancyschmancy, but isn't too young. We spent several hours on Friday evening searching the major department stores, but I (both of us) get nervous when it comes to making such a major commitment to something we aren't IN LOVE WITH. Then this past weekend there were several posts that excited me.

This is my favorite. It's a fabric sample though, not a sheet set.

Partially it's the styling that I love so.

(particularly the the urban and anthro lotus together.)

Still I have hesitations, and they still come from fear of choosing the wrong pattern and spending too much money or putting together the wrong set. Also, I have a pillow top mattress and that just complicates things. What if it's too small?! ugh. Why must buying a bedding set be so intimidating?!

I want to create an beautiful bed. I want my bed to be a place I look forward to diving into, that is a place I want to spend hours just relaxing in. It needs to feel like home. I feel that way about the company I share my bed with most weekends and I'd like the bed to reflect that.

What do you have? How do you find the balance between buying an adult bedding set that's not too foofy? Where do you shop to avoid spending half a paycheck?

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