Sunday, March 20, 2011

starry sunday

so dreamy, bienenkiste

 next winter i'm definitely dyeing my hair, the messes i make.

Kelly Rae's Oprah Story. Sheena's (of the little read house) art of doing nothing. Leigh (of Curly Girl) getting ready to open BIG Marmalade's doors.

“Defunding Planned Parenthood to prevent abortions is a lot like outlawing umbrellas to prevent rain.”
- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board. (via loveyourchaos) (via the messes i make)

some day i want to run a b&b. the top image reignighted that dream.

loving this sweet and beautiful couple. another amazing couple, elsie featured all of jeremy's artwork for they reappear.


"a letter to the man i'll dance with long after the guests have gone and the dance floor is little more than worn wood and wet grass" Meg writes letters to her future husband, among other things, check out her blog. another

Milk Toof never fails to make me think too cute, at least once! Sweet momma love from Blogging Dangerously. oh, Portland. Elsie's dream realized. I bookmarked several recipes from choosing raw, I'm interested in exploring it, not that I'd ever fully go. I've got all the goodies to make this soup, it's not raw. 

that's all for now friends, I need to hit the hay (I'm writing this Saturday night) because tomorrow is the 5k and my train for change buds will be here at 10am. it's going to be a goooood day.



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