Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a girl without freckles

is like a night without stars / is like a blog without links.

someone recently found this post by searching for a girl with freckles and then i saw this image from dazzling luxury.

so there you go... isn't it lovely. {original source unknown please comment if known}

still working on a title for this feature ya'll. but please, don't despair, your links are here. way more than last time, I starred more know I'd be sharing but then became overwhelmed with so many. How about "unnecessary but usually lovely distractions"?

so many great recipes this week and new food blogs to follow thanks to the bloggies
throw a party.
because i need something to distract me from the unfairness that it's apparently summer in florida already.
kelle hampton, enjoying the small things. her photos are beautiful and her daughters a delight.

TO MY HUSBAND: Going to bed angry - Fuck that weak ass shit. We’re gonna stay up and fight.
TO MY WIFE: Meat Loaf - If I happen to have my headphones on in the apartment and I appear to be having full body spasms, don’t worry, I’m just dancing to Meat Loaf.

others sharing some link love: elsie & kyla

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