Friday, April 17, 2009

A New Leaf?

I just deleted my last two posts because all they were were random thoughts on why I'm not very good at blogging. Well today, finally, I'm turning over a new leaf, I'm ready to write this b-l-o-g for real. A month ago I jotted down some topics that I could write about, I've been bookmarking links like a fiend that people tweet on a variety of topics that I can comment on, and I'm 12 days behind on the blogging challenge I signed up for!

Kate's b-l-o-g Topics

* TV/Video/Media (I'm such a tv junkie why not post a thought or two on the shows I watch throughout the week. Additionally, since video is my career I should do research on the topic and post something related to it at least once a week.)

* Operation Nice (I've been following this blog since it October and I've never completed a Nice Assignment.)

*Unemployment (Today marks two months of unemployment for me. I need to find inspiration from others, share great new links, and comment on the job hunt.)

*New York (I live in an amazing city. What's out there for me to see?)

*Teach For America (On Monday I will know if I've been accepted or not. I'm holding my breath!)

*Social Networking (How am I working to build my online brand? Have I followed anyone new on twitter that I should share? Have I improved on my blogging regularity and started commenting on others?)

*Create Something (I need to start stimulating my brain in a variety of ways)

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