Monday, April 20, 2009

An Elevator Pitch or Two

I joined the 31 day blogging challenge knowing I would immediately fall behind. I had a fabulous visitor, Santiago, who I'm trying to convince to start blogging because he writes amazing things daily, coming to spend a few days in New York with me and then I was going home for the Easter holiday. It was a great way to spend a week!

Now it's time to start catching up on the blogging challenge.

Challenge #1: Write an Elevator Pitch

As I read about what an Elevator Pitch is, I realized that over the past two months of job hunting I've been developing one! It's so nice to realize that you're already prepared for something that you weren't previously aware of.

Self: As a young professional in the video production industry, I'm excited to take an integral part in the workforce. I've worked as a Production Office Assistant for one year and have five additional years of office experience. I am an effective professional with strong organizational and communication skills and a talent for building strong relationships.

The challenge though was to write an Elevator Pitch for my blog not myself. I need to think about how my personal, professional pitch relates to my blog.

Blog: This is the blog of a young professional in the video production industry-- It will bring you a variety of topics from the job hunting journey to creating my online brand and beyond!

It's quick and to the point which was recommended. I think it could intrigue people to see what I have to say about both topics and leaves them wanting more. What's beyond? Well, we shall see!

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