Thursday, February 26, 2009

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I've always liked personality quizzes, starting with the ones in YM and Seventeen at 12 and sometimes going a little out of control. (Now that I tracked down that link I want to do them all again and see where I am a year later. Many of them will be the same but some will have changed. haha)

That's not my point though, I actually did an online quiz I'd like to comment on. I'm planning a little day trip to Philadelphia in a couple of weeks, after visiting my cousin in Lancaster for the weekend!, and I need a place to keep my bags while wandering the city. I was scouring the Visit Phila website and found this cute, what should you do in Philadelphia quiz. I took it and this is what I was told:

How frustrating. But I think it says a lot about me, not just right now, but in general, my answers to the questions were a little random. I mean my favorite thing in my apartment is my tv but I'd want a fishing rod if stranded on an island plus if it were raining outside I'd "take a stroll, think about the rain, stop in a restaurant you’ve never heard of, maybe a bookstore." Yes, those were a few of my answers. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the answers aren't right in front of me and I need to find them out for myself.

Update: Any answers you submit result in the same answer, meaning the quiz is broken. I look forward to when they fix it and see how I should spend my rainy day in Philly with a dog named Daisy and no Big Lebowski fix.

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