Saturday, February 21, 2009

this week

Let me take a look back over the last week, my first full week on being laid off.

Well, maybe I should start with lovely little jaunt to DC. It was an enjoyable trip other than the obnoxiously bright bus back to NY. Seriously, 1 in the morning and they have these green lights on, bright enough to hinder sleeping but to dim to read by. How rude! Anyway, back to DC I spent a lovely day and half just wandering the Smithsonian museums, the mall, and enjoying delicious Sushi. It was a good little trip. I'd like to go back for a day trip to the zoo but it might not work out.

My previous blog about my new obsession with Twitter has become an absolute beast. I still have 100's of Firefox tabs open from my first day of Twittering a job. I didn't have a Twitter following to begin with so it's definitely been a process to find people in media and their followers. Then there has been the process of finding the job opportunities that are available and posted on company websites or just sending cold emails. I'm proud to report that over this week I've applied for 27 jobs, 15 of which were just yesterday. That's no where near my goal of 50 for yesterday, possibly unrealistic. With just 27 jobs applied for I obviously didn't spend every waking moment submitting my cover letter and resume. Almost a whole day was spent on the aforementioned Twittering, which I will get a handle on in the coming days, there must be a work flow to it! In my defense, at job 15 I realized the job posting was an attempt at fraud so I spent the rest of the evening reporting the websites that had listed it and turning it in to the IC3.

I've also taken a little time for myself, on Thursday I took the afternoon off. I went down to the TKTS booth in Times Square and bought myself a ticket to see Speed the Plow, a David Mamet play with William H. Macy. It was very good and stimulating, it made me want to read more by Mamet. Since I was in midtown and had time to kill, I didn't feel like coming all the home for just 45 minutes, I went to see Taken which I'd also been wanting to see for a while. It was alright, there were some serious holes in the story but I did enjoy it, just on a completely different level than Speed the Plow.

I hope to post more next week, just tokeep my brain stimulated by a different activity that rehashing my cover letter every 10 minutes.

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