Thursday, May 12, 2011

you know, a food centered post.

Sometimes I'm not sure what to eat... you know, that's healthy. Today Lifehacker posted the 20 best foods for brain power and energy.
We've previously featured eight foods you should eat every day for overall health — spinach, yogurt, tomatoes, carrots, blueberries, black beans, walnuts, and oats. With the exception of spinach, yogurt, and carrots, these foods are also great, specifically, for your brain.
For more choices to supercharge your brain and sustain you through the day, consider also: avocado, wild salmon, nuts, seeds, coffee, pomegranate, brown rice, tea, chocolate, oysters, olive oil, tuna, garlic, eggs, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, and cacao nibs.

I can get down with these.  You know, except the beans, I don't like beans. But for reals, I need to stock up on some of these things for quick meals to throw together... avocado with green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and olive oil dressing. A good impromptu meal.

Speaking of food, did you see Emma's new pretty website? Do you think she'll really dye her hair blue before Elsie's wedding?! crazy. You know, maybe they're all dying their hair?!

You know, this is a food post and there no food pictures. Must remedy this now.

mmm. These are from about two months ago.

ONE: Tomato & Red Pepper Soup
TWO: Lemon, Sausage & Chard Lasagna
THREE: Pear & Prosciutto Pizza 

Here's what I know, when I cook I need to take a deep breath before I start and make sure I'm ready. Making sure I'm ready includes reading through the recipe completely, bringing everything out of the cupboards, moving unneeded items off the counters, oh, and turning on some good music. Everything came out deliciously, but I notice a huge difference when I stopped and did the previous after burning my first batch of butter and flour.

You know, a little peek into my head. You know, this you know thing is kind of annoying. I'm not sure why I kept it up.

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Amber said...

OOoh, the pear and prosciutto pizza sounds like somoething I'll definitely have to try!

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