Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This is the official check in on my budget goals. I did ok. I went over my projected budget by $357.75, but only went over my earned income by $100 if I save 10% of my paycheck. [Which I should. Which I will.] While I didn't reach my goal, I went over by considerably less than the first three months. Here's the breakdown of what I spent my money on this month. 

bills    50.84%
groceries    12.97%
self    10.91%
eating out    10.08%
gift    5.32%
home    3.04%
gas    1.91% (surprising?!)
fit    1.74%
kitties    1.56%

But here's the loop hole - I got paid three times this month. (!!!) Which means well really, nothing. I went over my budget goal, and because these we're a reward for not doing so there will be no sweet Tom's for me at this time. (It's not like I didn't buy clothes and books for myself this month...) Maybe next month I'll stay within my budget and be sportin' a pair of One for One's. I do however get to put a nice chunk of change into my savings and that feels good. It's been a long time since I've been able to write Xfer C>S in my budget tracker. I think keeping myself honest is the most important thing as I make my way in the budgeting world!

And because this was such a dull post Check out Kyla's beautiful front page of her new planner.

and guess what

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