Saturday, May 7, 2011

In just a minute...

I'm going to get moving again. I'm dogsitting this weekend and Gdog and I took a rest after a trip to the park. 2 hr walk = 2 hr break makes sense right?!

I was also busy creating this on Vista Print. Thanks to a Living Social deal I got $116 worth of Train4Change gear for $44.81, and I ordered extra.

 next Valentine's day? one day? so pretty, the sparkly love.
 i feel this way sometimes. but i think it's the best part of my personality. sure it's burned me in the past but it keeps my heart light. i know i have people who i will love for the rest of my moments that make these momentary loves, lovely but inconsequential.
these images have been sitting on my desktop for a while now, thought I'd share.
I have no idea what their original sources are.
 my momma and me visiting abe. 
how cool are we?! 

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