Sunday, February 7, 2010

have an amazing sunday.

hi. today is feeling like a good day. my pandora is playing amazing music, i'm watching my cats jump and play happily for the first time since their surgery, yesterday was successful antiquing, last night was a fantastic dinner party with great women and delicious food, this morning was oatmeal and coffee with mom and margaret, there's a boy that's making me smile, and diet pepsi. good times. 

now, i'm trying to convince myself it will be fun to dishes. i'm browsing google reader instead. and reconciling my january budget. probably not as bad as i thought as it would be. january was an expensive month.

had an awesome afternoon. just sloth-ing on the couch and sorting my style school bookmarks. that's the one part of the class i'm really good at. bookmarking all the inspirations i find. next goal: sort within categories and present for homework fulfillment and physical inspiration!

the sun is out and the cats are snuggled on the porch. love.

i'm happy.
love, kate

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