Monday, February 1, 2010

and happy february

F antastic
E njoyable
B eautiful
R ed  
(and pink, and purple, and turquoise)
U nique
A dventurous
R ejuvenatory
Y ou and me

hi. a second post in less than 24 hours, happy day.
Fantastic, Enjoyable, Unique
all sort of general goals for any month, but beautiful none the less. life should always be 
Fantastic, Enjoyable, Unique
At least, I think so. 

I'm really excited about the red and pink holiday coming up. Maybe it's because I have a house to decorate, maybe it's because I have a boy to like [You and me], or maybe it's just because I'm addicted to color right now. Whatever the reason I'm going to enjoy it. Actually I think I'm going to skip work out class (not so bad, considering I just spent an hour and a half in RAD training) to go home and make some hearts. 

Adventures, the above mentioned boy meeting the folks; a trip to chicago; creating a blog that gets updated regularly, yes i said it, I'm going to make an effort. 

Rejuvenatory, I think chicago and writing can fit both words... also January can get kind of long. February, if I fill my house with beautiful things and people and ideas, can be fulfilling. Need to stock pile it for March. the longest. month. ever. 

a FEBRUARY gift for you:

11 projects  - a list
7 little lovelies
crafty goodness
a moment

four blog ideas, ya know other than my ramblings, is a good start.


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