Thursday, November 15, 2012

I consume a lot of media.


A self-confessed tv junkie since the age of eight. I follow 100+ blogs. I'm falling in love with podcasts. I have enough books to fill a room. I receive, by choice, oodles of emails every day, yes oodles. Add to that facebook, pinterest, instagram and twitter what I'm trying to say is:

I consume a lot of media. 

It is starting to become slightly exhausting and overwhelming. (or always has been) I want to share so much of what I read and see and yet never quite get to posting what is so wonderful about each thing because there is always something new to consume and discover.

I don't know how to break it down. Of course, I want to go out and read the latest well-articulated thing, see the cutest outfit, pin a great idea. Yet.. What do I take away from that article? Who will I share it with? Am I going to wear that outfit or ever get to pet that cat? Will I get around to try to make those cool wine bottle glasses?

I don't think so, because soon I'm on to the next thing. Vicious cycle. I said to Matt on Monday, sometimes I feel like a link hoarder. No lie.

Anyway, I want to share some of the things I'm reading and maybe make this a more frequent occurrence.

How To Be An Administrative Assistant | Thought Catalog

Twenty-Seven by Adriane Quinlan | The Awl I now want to read all the things written by her, particularly this with a big box of tissues.

attraction and expectation by meg. I've basically already read all the things written by her. I suggest you do the same.

Meg's post also lead me to Motley Mama. Who seems to have some great content I might peruse. It seems there was a lot of hoopla on her blog last week. I can't even imagine. Truly, I can't, particularly concerning abusive relationships. Makes me ill. It's one of those times that I wish I hadn't learned about a particular "school of thought." It's hard to comprehend. Though as I continue to think on it, maybe it helps me understand that gap between what I believe. as a liberal, agnostic. and what others less conservative than Zoe believe.* It also makes me incredibly grateful to be surrounded by intelligent, self-sufficient, and empowered women.**

This post about defining yourself on social media. Particularly topical to this post, my first read of the day so possibly why I'm writing this now.

*I guess there are things more concerning than link hoarding.
**The oxford comma making a reappearance?


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