Thursday, July 5, 2012

goal check in.

Until I read that we're into the 26 week of the year, I completely forgot I'd written goals for this year. What the? Time to refocusfocus on these for real now.

Good news though, even though I wasn't intentional with my work on most of these I have been working on some of them.

As I work to have more balance in my life with health, good food, laziness, excitement, relationship strengthening, solitary time and friendship I want to be more intentional with that thought process. I don't want to feel overwhelmed, but consider my decisions and the alternatives thoughtfully.

I'll carry this word with me through 2012 and while tackling these four resolutions. 
  1. lose weight. get fit. but seriously, lose a serious bit of with like a final goal of forty to fifty pounds. whew! it's going to take some serious work and i'm glad (very, very, glad) to have matt along with me to get this done.
  2. save at least $3000! and be more financially responsible. this year i learned to really budget and next year i need to learn how to SAVE and not over spend.
  3. be on time. i tend to be a tardy to things and all this achieves is stress. seriously, i'm an adult. it's time to be timely.
  4. develop solid communication skills. i feel awkward in somea lot of social situations and i'd love to be the person who always felt comfortable and could put others at ease. 
Number one and three have been mostly neglected.

Number two has been respected although any money that would have been saved has been put towards large financial obligations (a fence, a venue down payment). 

Number four, I'm actively working on this. Although I think that I may always keep a general feeling of discomfort in many social and work settings I think I know how to handle it and where it comes from. (introvert for the win!)

we rang in the new year / ate lots of good food / flew to florida & and went red (head) / went skiing
it snowed / we drank beer / moved a bit / drank wine on a staycation
dressed up in anticipation / cleaned up the yard / received good things / went to dinner
and picked our drinks from an ipad / ate outside / bought flowers in rain / caught venus just before the sun sunk below the clouds
whined for food and wine at whine / started and finished the hunger games / drank out of cats / harvested basil

it's been a good year so far and i bet it will keep getting better!

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