Friday, June 29, 2012

insta + links + senses

it's another lazy friday for me
as i stay cool, watch the olympic trials
& wimbledon and read blogs.

i love Joanna's collection of Nora Ephron links.
Michigan gymnast third after first day of Olympic trials.
both Kaitlyn & Kaylah shared Dorothy Parker dresses. add one those to the list of things i want.
this amazing story, wedding rsvp site.
i really appreciate meg's outlook on food.
Rachel and her guy Eric are celebrating two years. woot.

tattly's last for-ever. it's fan-tastic.
these monsters from anke panke are still holding strong.
three weeks later.
anticipating:  this coming weeks fourth festivities. boating on the day of. 50,000 fireworks in 50 minutes on the 7th. three days + the weekend off.

hearing: we've moved on to swimming olympic trials now. swim, swim, swim.

dreaming: of our vacation. days on the lake, exploring the up with my guy, adventures.

eating: about to be eating some delicious, delicious sushi. it's been too long.

drinking: lots + lots of water. i'm kind of getting the hang of this.

two cats.
one chubby orange guy named sam.
one full of a dangerously delicious 
ginger liquour, lime, vodka drink.
i woke up with a sore throat and have fighting sinuses ever since.
but i just can't blame the drink.

confession: i slept til noon. and it's after 5 now. Matt will be home soon. and i have yet to shower. couch potato for the win!

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