Tuesday, January 20, 2009

look ma *both* hands

And I'm off, I'm blogging!
Or at least claiming some sort of variation of the blog address I wanted.

That's all.

And now here's more...

So I've been putting of getting a more grown up email address for a while, as well as the inevitable switch to gmail. Here it finally is, of course I've put it off so long that I couldn't get either of the address I really wanted, kate711 or katerees. So there was a merging of the two and wallah, katerees711.

Of course, with a new email address should come a new blog. I also ran into a wall with taking y first choice of addresses, thank goodness for that 711 for being my back up. One that I might actually write in. It's not as if I have a lack of things to mindlessly post about... as you will hopefully see in the coming days!

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