Friday, January 23, 2009

Another easy way to help out!

Don't worry all of my posts won't be about me asking you to sign up for something but this is another easy thing you can do that will help out hundreds and hundreds of people.

Just simply add the above signature to your email. For every email you send the number of people will go up. The more people that sign up and add the signature via ReplyForAll the more sponsors will be charge and more proceeds can be donated to the cause of you choice.

An easy way to help 258 people in just 10 days!


Michael Motorcycle said...


Also, your link does not work.

Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere. I'm excited!

Michael Motorcycle said...

Also, I never use my gmail address, and I don't have yahoo. So I can't do this until I switch over to my gmail account. :(

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