Saturday, June 11, 2011

RED locks & BOLD frames

I know I've been a bit sparse around these parts recently but... I'm here. Actually, this  happens to be post 175, and I think it's time for a bit of a redesign.

A certain someone wrote me a few haiku after I mentioned that I wish that I wrote them. This was my favorite:

"The Unbearable Cuteness of You
red locks and bold frames
i spot you from far afield
my day begins, anew

Thank goodness for his "questionable sanity...." because I think, my dears, I have a blog title for this here little charming spot of the blog world:


Some hesitations because my hair is really strawberry blonde, unless I dye it in the winter, which I'm already planning to do next year!, and with summer here [fickle] and the sunny days that come with it, sunglasses & contacts will be reentering my life in a big way. I like this title though, I think it suits me. So here we go, come take a look:

Here are some things I hope to post about in the next 25 posts --

triathlon recap, how I am getting active now, goals for the rest of the month, cute cat pictures, gardening, cooking, more regular blog star sharing, a recap of my 25 before 26, So You Think You Can Dance favorites, all sorts of little bits of life, and for the 200th a GIVEAWAY!

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Danielle Barbe said...

LOVE the blog title! so cute!

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