Friday, February 25, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday

1.   I am currently obsessed with the thought of cleaning my house top to bottom, apparently this could be part of the reason that I cannot kick my illness. That's rather alarming. I need to get on a better routine with everything! I'm excited to, hopefully this holds out through the weekend.

2.  Today I am  moody  because, I haven't been all week and it's about time; up and down, productive and lazy, glutinous and ready to stay on track. It can change at a moments notice. I want another carmel latte.

3.  The age I am is 25  and the age I feel is  right now, an immature 25. Sometimes I feel twelve, sometimes I feel 35, but mostly I feel 25. I am who I am and part of that is age. Sometimes I am a giant baby.

4.  My favorite place is  home, because it's lovely and Matt's probably there and the kitties are there and it's cozy. Next to home, I love to be on the lake, any lake.

5.  Something I have been procrastinating is see number one, I've been to icky to tackle it in one big giant clean, so I haven't been doing the basics. ew. (but please know, it's really not horrible, it's just unkempt.)

6.  The last thing I purchased was  a carmel latte and a cinnamon raisin bagel.

7.  The thing I love most about my home is  that it reflects who I am and is filled with love. It may be messy and dusty but it's mine and I love it. It's home. 

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