Saturday, November 6, 2010

it's november, i should make some goals

starting with, thankful for: feeling whole and goal filled!
* stick to goals, track them. be awesome. (maybe stop watching SO much how i met your mother. yeah right.)
* limit sugar. no candied sugar from eleven/five to eleven/twelve.
* be early for work. (get lunch around night before. get up at 6:20. have clothes ready.)
* make a great christmas list
* drink more water. (64oz/day. if i'm up for 10 hours a day. i should try to drink 6oz every hour...)
* cook (i feel so excited about the three four new recipes in my kitchen this week!)
* get fit. write. take pictures. per usual.
* love it and live it all fully. embrace it.
looking back at ocotober: 

1. go to the gym or a workout class TWICE a week! - inconsistently but i was sore more times this month than i've probably been all year. 2. write. share. - journaled for myself. facebooked, does that count as sharing? :) 3. walk once a week. - not how i planned. 4. read. finished one book, skipped around another. 5. make a new friend. - oh yeah! 6. love your old friends. for sure! 7. talk less. listen more. think before you speak. - eh. i'm not as good at this as i think i should be. but it's me. 8. sew. - hahaha. 9. be neat. - so good on this one!! 10. find the balance. - ongoing, as it should be.
...i'm finally feeling back to where i should be after the summer debacle. i'm not sure what i'm doing with my life, but at least i'm moving on from that unhealthy bit of it.

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