Wednesday, October 20, 2010


hullo from las vegas! i'm officially on VACATION for the next week! so of course i've made a little to do list! i'm seriously just OWNING that my blog is really just a place to post these. (and over use the word just) ;)

yep, gratuitous photobooth pic.

1 . take pictures everyday! (ftw!)
2 . don't watch tv first thing in the morning. (pick up a book loser!)
3 . breathe. relax. see. focus.
4 . keep journalling. (because then you can post gems like this!)
5 . moderation. (at least consider it.)
6 . sleep. (it's a vacation!)
7 . adventure! (it's a vacation!)

(ooh and eek! and thank you, thank you for the comments on my last post!)



Have fun, Vegas is my absolute fav place, I have been there four times.

Kate said...

Favorite thing?

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