Monday, May 10, 2010

play + record

i would never claim to be cool enough - actually i probably would claim NOT COOL enough - to participate in music monday's. my musical knowledge is just not interesting enough. when i find a song or artist i like i play them into the ground. but i can totally get into this:
mix tape monday! i have a totally fond memory of the step-sis and i sitting in the walk-in closet at the (first) lake house making a mix tape for a certain boy she liked. how sweet.

making a "soundtrack of my life" was one of the first things i put on my lifelist. and since that day two years ago i've only added two songs.

so drum roll please!!!

"bitch" - i'm me and no one else, "take me as i am". i can be moody. i can be a bitch. some days.

love, kate

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