Sunday, March 27, 2011

link love

Take me here, Kenya's Giraffe Manor. Seriously, in awe. This sounds nice, cleanse. If you didn't see my post on Wednesday, watch Sarah Kay's Should I Have A Daughter. It's beautiful. Sweet, as always. I LOVE outdoor dining. I wish there were more spots around town, but we're lucky with what we do have. Ah, pretty studio inspiration. I'm happy to report while my craft room isn't this inspiring, it's is much tidier. I could actually walk in there and work on a project. I am so excited to buy up CurlyGirl's new card line.

this dress is so pretty! via

yes please, anytime. and can we walk by here?

I'm constantly asking Matt this:

decor8 featured the Michigan farmhouse of Heather Anderson. I'm always super excited to find other Michiganders! She has a shop, flickr and blog! Wow, this tattoo outline is fantastic. I've never thought of anything like that, but beautiful. As Matt spends more time here I want him to feel like it's his home too, because shortly it will be. I love the style of these bathroom finds. Pretty, pretty yellow. Love the styling of this cabinet, three different ways. Kyla's treasury of Radio/NPR goodies is good.

 Well all, I guess that is all. Enjoy sorting through it and finding what is special for you. Did you make it through?

This is my 144th post, six posts until my 150th. Kind of a big deal, I'd say. Maybe I'll do a giveaway. Thoughts?

1086 % to goal   .   $59,715   .

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